When I first came to Amsterdam, I had no strength and I couldn’t walk.

Coming here was so nice. So many different people came to welcome me and talk with me and made me feel so comfortable. First the doctors, the therapists, administration, etc.

The accommodations are amazing. I’m in a semi-private room and it feels like a private room. It’s nice and cozy. Therapy is excellent. I didn’t think I’d like OT, but Savannah was great with me. Speech therapy with Rachel was great as well. She knew I didn’t want to do it, but she was so charming about it and assisted me along. My husband Peter is very happy. He knows I can’t wait to go home but he’s happy knowing I’m here.

The Amsterdam staff is amazing. I see the CNA’S and I know they work incredibly hard and I never hear any complaints. I would for sure recommend them to anyone that needs their services. I’ve already told friends to come here. I’m so much stronger than I was walking into this place.