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I had 4 fractures on my knee and on my foot. It was pretty bad. It was swollen and I had a cast on it.
I started to feel better as soon as I entered Amsterdam. The staff was so nice to me. I was satisfied with everything. The young ladies that were PT’s and OT’s were great. Fhrea was amazing, she was the nurse on my unit. There is an aide, her name is Doris. She was so great to me.
My condition vastly improved. I’m on my own two feet. Orah, the OT, helped me immensely through the whole process. I just want to thank Amsterdam for getting me out of the situation that I found myself in. I’m grateful.


I was post-op from a back operation on my 4th and 5th lumbar. I had the operation at Mount Sinai. I couldn’t walk at all. I was stressed out and uneasy

The Amsterdam staff made me feel very comfortable. Therapy was wonderful. I had great physical and occupational therapists. Accommodations were good. My family was happy that I was well taken care of by the great staff here. My therapists Maxine and Jason were the 2 most influential people in my stay here.

I would recommend Amsterdam Nursing Home highly.

Rhoda Rosen

I was completely out of it. In fact, I was hallucinating because I had an infection and I didn’t even know I had one. It was a UTI infection. I also had a kidney stone that was causing a blockage.

Coming to Amsterdam was a blessing. Each and every member of the staff is amazing. They work together and try very hard to make you feel like you’re a human being. The PT is great, and the activities are interesting and fun. My family is very appreciative: They see the great strides I’ve made.

I would recommend Amsterdam highly. It’s a great program. The personnel are wonderful people. Families should take comfort in knowing their loved ones are well taken care of and are being looked after.

J. Ward

When I first came to Amsterdam, I had no strength and I couldn’t walk.

Coming here was so nice. So many different people came to welcome me and talk with me and made me feel so comfortable. First the doctors, the therapists, administration, etc.

The accommodations are amazing. I’m in a semi-private room and it feels like a private room. It’s nice and cozy. Therapy is excellent. I didn’t think I’d like OT, but Savannah was great with me. Speech therapy with Rachel was great as well. She knew I didn’t want to do it, but she was so charming about it and assisted me along. My husband Peter is very happy. He knows I can’t wait to go home but he’s happy knowing I’m here.

The Amsterdam staff is amazing. I see the CNA’S and I know they work incredibly hard and I never hear any complaints. I would for sure recommend them to anyone that needs their services. I’ve already told friends to come here. I’m so much stronger than I was walking into this place.

Katherine Powers

I left the NYU emergency room in horrible pain around my knee. I couldn’t walk or straighten my leg. It was the first time I remember calling pain a 10 on the pain scale.

The Amsterdam team welcomed me very warmly and made me feel comfortable. The therapy was very good. They were patient and very knowledgeable. The accommodations were very nice, too. I slept very well. I particularly liked the concert that we had: 2 students from Julliard came and played cellos.

My condition improved greatly. The pain went away completely. I was able to successfully complete my rehab. It was a great experience. I would certainly recommend Amsterdam to anyone!

Rose Masson

My knee was a mess. I needed surgery. The surgeon replaced some of it with plastic and metal. My goodness, it was painful. And I was so weak. The good news? I was sent to Amsterdam for my recovery and rehab.

The team there was so nicer to me! The therapy was great, and the activities were very enjoyable. Even my family loved the place.

In just over two weeks I was back on my feet, the pain gone. I’m back home.

Thank you, Amsterdam!